What is TOO?

TOO is our Two Option Ordering system. We’re always trying to make it easier for our friends to experience the joy of dessert and this was another way for us to do that. 

Our research shows that choosing only one of our awesome flavors was just too much for some folks, they couldn't decide. Most people can’t wait to try multiple flavors. To make the decision process easier, we came up with our Two Option Ordering system or TOO, (as in, “I want that too”). 

TOO lets you bundle up two, 6-jar boxes or four, 6-jar boxes of your favorite flavors or combo packs. It also allows us to provide you with a number of benefits:

  • Easy Decisions - You no longer have to decide between “this OR that” because you can have “this AND that”. 
  • Cost Savings - Bundling let’s us save you money with discounts that we just can’t provide on single boxes. Having more Jar Joy and saving money...does it get any better?
  • Reduced Shipping Costs - Bundling saves you money by reducing the shipping cost per box. Again...bonus!
  • No FOMO - Getting more for less means that you can try more of these fabulous flavors sooner. So try 'em all. Honestly, do you really want to be the one that hasn’t tried Birthday Cake Cheesecake?
How does TOO work, you ask? It’s simple. 
Step 1 - Click the “Shop” button 
Step 2 - Choose a 2 or 4 box bundle
Step 3 - Pick your favorite flavors to build your bundle and add them to your cart
Step 4 - Checkout when you're ready