Look Who's Talking...


Jar Joy desserts are so convenient because they are portable, stackable and ready when you are. If you aren't ready to eat them when they arrive, keep them in your freezer for up to a year!

Perfectly Portioned

Each jar contains the equivalent of an average slice of cheesecake or pie. Now, the size of everyone’s “average” slice can vary…we get it. So, just have one or maybe two...you decide just how much to treat yourself.

Ready To Eat

No prep needed! The official procedure for consuming Jar Joy desserts is as follows: Grab a spoon, twist the lid and experience the joy.


We use premium ingredients like whole milk, Dutch cocoa powder, real butter and fruit preserves to be sure that each and every bite contains exceptional and authentic flavor. Trust us, when we say “Raspberry Cheesecake”, you’re getting Raspberry Cheesecake!